An Antidote to Selling Blind

57percentThings are tough for sales folks these days. Research shows that buyers complete more than half their due diligence  before they even talk to a sales person.  If sales reps could get involved earlier in the process, they’d have an opportunity to influence the customer, recommend a solution and potentially win the business. As it is, buyers reach out late in the sales process to confirm findings and learn more from their sales rep before sealing the deal.

What if sales reps could use the same approach buyers do? Do the research first, and enter the sales process armed with all the information they need, including business contact data, company information and insights, as well as the larger picture of industry and market news. That’s what D&B’s curated business information and insight can do: Help sales teams discover opportunities quickly and sell more effectively into new accounts. Accessing this information where and when they need it is easy, especially when they’re using a CRM from one of D&B’s technology partners, like SugarCRM.

D&B for Sugar gets sales reps into the conversation sooner, and it helps them find the right contacts and gain insight into the target customer’s industry and company. It’s a way to help them spend less time playing catch-up and more time directly addressing customer needs. That’s the right equation for improving sales numbers.

Learn more from the  webinar, Speeding the Sales Cycle with D&B for Sugar . In it, SugarCRM Evangelist Martin Schneider and D&B’s Director of Strategy Alliances Murray Kieffer walk through how their combined solution helps a typical sales rep – call him Sam the Sales Guy – sell smarter with D&B’s information and insights seamlessly provided right within Sugar.

You can also see a video demo showing the steps a sales rep can take to research and prospect more easily using D&B for Sugar.

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Erin Wright, Marketing Director, Global Alliances & Partnerships

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