Alliances Key to D&B’s Future, Says CEO


In a private event in Silicon Valley last week, Dun & Bradstreet CEO Bob Carrigan talked with author and consultant Geoffrey Moore about how partners are critical to his efforts to modernize the 173-year-old company.

Both speakers noted how cloud computing, mobile and social technologies have dramatically altered the business landscape for technology companies. Carrigan’s challenge now is to update the strategies, culture and technologies of D&B so it can more effectively solve customer problems in the Digital Age.

Partners are a huge part of D&B’s effort to move from being a traditional information business to becoming a Data as Service (DaaS) provider, giving end users access to D&B commercial business data within popular applications and on a wide variety of platforms and devices.

“For us, the challenge is unlocking and liberating data from some of the traditional ways we have made it available to customers,” Carrigan said at the talk, Business Transformation: Insights & Strategies. “We want to leverage modern capabilities – cloud, DaaS and API delivery – and get data into customer environments and into alliance relationships in a way that makes it more actionable.”

Moving From Old to New

Carrigan is looking at how to shift the culture of the company and “unlock new channels of energy.” He aims to build a more peer-to-peer culture, rather than having a top-down management style. In his eight months in the CEO role, he’s flattened the organization and hired a chief people officer who is an expert at cultural transformation.

The goal is to make it easier to do business with D&B. And that’s critical, since making the move from “arthritic to agile” will come from building collaborative and innovative new partnerships with companies who can integrate D&B data into their applications and services.

So what’s the new DNA at D&B? Carrigan’s mantra is:

–        Act from the Outside In
–        Be Modern
–        Be Global in Everything We Do

“There’s a different tone and a style and a tempo that we’re seeing at D&B these days,” Carrigan said.

Want to hear more? You can watch a YouTube video of the full interview, and read selected tweets about the event, hosted by the Churchill Club and sponsored by D&B. You can also see a replay of Carrigan’s appearance on Jim Cramer’s show, Mad Money, which aired on CNBC earlier this week.


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