Boost Revenue with Cleaner Data

handshakeAaron Ross made a splash in 2011 with his book, Predictable Revenue.  In it, he described how sales people can double enterprise growth, adding $100 million to the bottom line, with no cold calling.

What was his methodology? For sales teams to specialize, to define their roles based on a segment of the sales cycle: prospecting; qualifying leads; following up on inbound leads; closing deals; and maintaining accounts.  By matching people with the tasks they do best, you get the best of both worlds: great results and happy, effective team members. Of course, having a comprehensive, information-rich CRM system at the center of Ross’ framework was pivotal to getting results.

Now we have the potential to take the idea of Predictable Revenue to the next level. With better quality data flowing into CRM systems, there’s opportunity for even greater specialization. With customer intelligence woven into the fabric of an organization’s culture, it’s possible for any prospect- or customer-facing employee to establish and maintain the relationship, and form a tight-knit web of support for sales, marketing and ongoing service and support.

The partnership between and D&B addresses these opportunities directly. The joint whitepaper, The Core Essentials of Data Quality: Five Ways to Improve Your CRM and Sales Productivity with High-Quality Data, connects the dots between CRM data quality and more-productive sales teams.

There is ROI in Ross’ Predictable Revenue framework. Even greater ROI is possible when businesses address their data challenges head on, and take steps to ensure they’re running clean data in their CRM systems. Learn how better data can make sales reps more effective. Watch a recent webinar by and D&B experts, Optimize the Enterprise. Because good ideas don’t go out of style.


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Lisa Petrucci is Vice President of Dun & Bradstreet Global Alliances and Partnerships.

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