All Eyes on St. Louis: CRMUG Summit Next Week

shutterstock_220689091There’s a whole lot going on in St. Louis next week. And it’s not just baseball. There’s also the Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Group, or CRMUG Summit, taking place October 14-17, 2014.

Now, it is fortuitous that my home team, the San Francisco Giants, has progressed through the National League Championship Series. They are facing the Cardinals in St. Louis this weekend. But the big news is that the D&B Strategic Alliances team will be in St. Louis to talk about D&B 360 for CRM and how it works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to deliver integrated global business insight to companies around the world.  Visit us in Booth #1101 to see how.

Microsoft’s annual user conference brings together CRM users and provides a wealth of educational sessions and networking. This year, we’re adding a little fun to the mix. Check out these lively sessions with D&B and other data experts.

Is the Customer and Lead Information in Your CRM Like Jell-O?
Wed. Oct. 15, 3p-4p, Room 364
It can be hard for sales and marketing teams to get the information they need, even from their CRM systems. Unless you’re constantly updating and researching, your records are like Jell-O: part solid, part fluid and very wiggly. They may be difficult to understand (lacking context) and contain mysterious ingredients (like data sources). Find out how to firm up and enhance the data your teams need by streaming D&B’s indispensable customer and lead information directly into your CRM.

CRM True Confessions – The Worst CRM Mistakes Ever
Fri. Oct. 17, 8a-9a, Room 262
In this ‘Ask the Experts’ panel, smart people will reveal the stupidest things they’ve ever done in a CRM system, and how they fixed it. Join in this humility-filled session to find the true path to CRM mastery. Rhoda Bernstein from D&B, Brita Scampton from BGM TruNorth Wealth Partners, and Christina Schroeder from Taylor Corp. will fess up to what they did and how they redeemed themselves. (As of the writing of this post, more than 39 people had registered for this session, so plan to get there early!)

Data Management and Quality Panel Discussion
Fri. Oct. 17, 1p-2p, Room 275
Managing CRM data quality isn’t all fun and games. This technical panel will focus on the best practices and standards for keeping your CRM data clean, accurate and up to date. This is a must-see presentation for anyone planning a CRM implementation or wrestling with CRM data problems. D&B’s Rhoda Bernstein will be joined by a panel of experts including Rowland Dexter from Gate Software, Scott Guthrie from Winona State University and Steven Shissler from Trillium Software.

Come see us in St. Louis!

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