Exploring the Marriage of Data and Technology at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

oow_clr_rgb-largeWhen a particularly big initiative or a particularly unwieldy messaging challenge confronts here on the marketing team at Dun & Bradstreet, we often revert back to a key principle: Our primary job is to make the complex simple.

To this end, given that we inhabit the decidedly difficult to decipher world of (ugh) “big data,” we spend a lot of time in search of those perfect, non-hackneyed analogies that will crystallize the role of data in modern business and technology. We talk about analogies so much that we joke about making a This is Spinal TapBest in Show-style video bit mocking our – and our industry’s – efforts to come up with a way to make “real” something as intangible as data. Data as water, fuel, food, chemical elements… You name it, we’ve probably white-boarded it.

Thank goodness, then, for Oracle OpenWorld, which kicks off in earnest today in San Francisco. Dun & Bradstreet is proud to join its partners from Oracle and thousands of other like-minded companies as we mine knowledge from 2,500 sessions featuring more than 3,000 speakers.

With OpenWorld, analogies are still nice to have (don’t they always help to weave together a narrative?), but the clarity they aim for is already evident at the conference: The connection between data and technology is vital. One without the other is like … Oh never mind. Pay attention to the event and you will get it.

For our part, Dun & Bradstreet leaders will explore the data-technology marriage in four spotlighted sessions alongside executives from Oracle, which has embedded Dun & Bradstreet data throughout its Oracle Data Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud platforms. The sessions explore how D&B data helps Oracle users target prospects better (Data Cloud), nurture leads better (Marketing Cloud) and close business better (Sales Cloud).

How to target better is the topic today at 11:30 AM PST as Anudit Vikram, Dun & Bradstreet’s SVP and chief product officer of Audience Solutions, highlights our new partnership with Oracle BlueKai. Dun & Bradstreet data is bolstering ad targeting capabilities in the burgeoning programmatic marketplace, and the BlueKai partnership is a key part of the strategy.

Today at 1 pm PST, Dun & Bradstreet SVP of marketing Matt Collins – he is the leading advocate of our “make the complex simple” mantra – joins Kevin Akeroyd, the GM and SVP of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, for a keynote presentation on how data and technology are letting marketers own more of the customer experience than ever before. Along with weaving an analogy of their own to explain the relationship platform concept of data management, Akeroyd and Collins will cover how Dun & Bradstreet’s own embrace of Oracle technology has led to our improved engagement of customers across the buyer’s journey.

Technology and data don’t intermingle for marketing success without outstanding partnership between the CMO and CIO, an important theme we will explore on Wednesday at 10:15 Pacific time. Akeroyd and John Stetic, Oracle’s Group Vice President for Product Development, will join Dun & Bradstreet CMO Rishi Dave at the Intercontinental Hotel (888 Howard Street) for a roundtable discussion on how organizations can better understand their buyer’s digital body language and use timely and targeted messaging more effectively as a result.

Finally, on Thursday at noon Pacific, we take a deep leap into the Oracle Sales Cloud with Niraj Deo, Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle Data Cloud, and Vimal Vel, Dun & Bradstreet’s VP of Partner Solutions Strategy. Together they will sift through the ways data as a service – where a data licensing model is provided through a cloud service – is of particular value for sales teams looking to increase reach, efficiency and opportunity identification.

If all that isn’t enough, swing by the Dun & Bradstreet set-up at Moscone South 425 or visit us in our kiosk at the Big Data Showcase. We’ll take any analogy ideas you’re willing to share.

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Brad Young is the Global Content Marketing Strategy Leader at Dun & Bradstreet. You can follow him on Twitter at @byoung07016.

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