Three Options for Data Delivery

dnbDirectboxData is the fuel that fires profitability. But what’s the best way to access this energy source? The rise of Data as a Service (DaaS) is transforming data delivery, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for every business.

Think about it this way. You’re installing a new heating system in your house. If you opt for an oil heater, a truck will come every so often to fill your tank. That’s like traditional batch data delivery. If you decide on a gas-powered furnace, your energy feed will be piped in directly—automatically, in real time. That’s like DaaS.

Like DaaS, gas has many advantages. When you need more fuel, it flows seamlessly into your furnace. No need to monitor fuel levels, order refills or wait at home for the delivery truck to arrive.

Sounds great, right? But it doesn’t mean gas is right for every home. Maybe it’s not worth spending your hard-earned cash to replace a perfectly good oil furnace — one that keeps everyone warm at night. Or maybe a gas hookup isn’t even an option on where you live.

At D&B, we let you choose the best way for your business to tap into the data fuel you need.

Hoover’s: Power Marketing and Sales with an Easy, Budget-Friendly Tool

Our web-based Hoover’s solution is the perfect introduction to D&B’s company data. It lets you tap into our vast reservoir of data via a simple, browser-based interface. It’s easy to quickly search for companies, build lists, conduct market research and more.

And you can do it all in just a few clicks—no implementation required. Benefits include:

  • Seamless sign-on to Hoover’s subscriber site
  • Plug-and-play data cleansing, analysis and more
  • Optimization for mobile sales prospecting
  • Customized news alerts, social media content and analytics

D&B360: Use D&B Data to Fuel Your CRM

With D&B360, we integrate your CRM data with our data. You can still search for companies, build lists and conduct market research. But now your data fuel is supercharged before it arrives, so you can safely inject it directly into your CRM engine. Unlike Hoover’s, D&B360 does require modest development resources at your end. But the payoff is big: Once IT has configured their system, future updates flow directly into your system. Benefits include:

  • Turn-key solution for Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and Oracle CRM systems
  • A single, complete view of customers and prospects
  • Targeted list-building tools
  • Relevant news, social media, contacts, financials and more right inside your CRM
  • Constant flow of fresh data with hands-free batch updates

D&B Direct: Real-time Data, Exactly How You Want It

Finally, we come to D&B Direct, a pure DaaS solution that delivers the latest data automatically, in real time. D&B Direct does require more development resources than D&B360. But once you set up the UI and logic, the possibilities are endless.

For instance, you can embed and tailor reliable company, contact and financial data within your company’s sales and marketing solutions. You can link online lead forms to D&B’s database in order to increase completion rates and the accuracy of prospect information. And you can identify corporate linkages to develop better growth, retention and compliance strategies and/or reduce loss rates.

Besides real-time delivery and continuous quality, you can:

  • Make forward-looking decisions by combining your data with D&B intelligence, social, news and more
  • Gain instant access to complete company firmographics, contact information and industry research
  • Illuminate corporate relationships and company activity with D&B D-U-N-S® Number
  • Build custom applications for any device, complete with automatic alerts, triggers and updates

Want to compare the three delivery methods? Check out How Do You Want Your Data Delivered?, and download the Fact Sheet to find out more.

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Jim Dietrich is Vice President of Channel Enablement for D&B Global Product Solutions

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