The Power of Partnership and D&B Data Exchange

customer.profileEverywhere you look these days, companies are forming partnerships. Airlines partner with hotels and car rental agencies to offer special packages and bonus miles to shared customers. Sports teams partner with local charities to help improve and strengthen communities. B2B companies partner to create and implement robust data and technology solutions for their business customers.

Last year, we launched the D&B Data Exchange, a platform that enables select data partners to offer their data linked with D&B data via the D-U-N-S Number. We started with 3 partners and have expanded to 13 that cover multiple verticals. The exciting part about this offering is how customers can build a robust data set to meet their specific business needs, including sales prospecting.

Let’s say your prospect is a large advertising agency. Using D&B data as a baseline, you can start with solid information about the agency: its address, revenue, number of employees, liens and so on. Then you can layer additional data sets on top of that trusted foundation. You can find out what hardware and software data the agency is running, using data from Data Exchange partner HG Data. You may see the agency uses iMac computers with Adobe Photoshop installed. Continuing in the spirit of partnership, let’s add data from Profound Networks. Profound can indicate the domain classification, web and mail server type and more, so you can know if the agency is hosting the infrastructure for its digital marketing efforts. The data set has become much larger and more powerful, because of our Data Exchange partners and the D-U-N-S Number. This approach can enable multiple business functions such as sales and marketing to better assess opportunity areas.

A big thank you to the D&B Data Exchange partners who have joined us to date and helped lay the groundwork for the future. They include Datamyne, EDA, HDS, HG Data, IHS Automotive, Industrial Interface, Iridium, Profound, Risk Metrics, StratCenter, US Farm Data, Verisign and WealthEngine. Interested in making your data available through the D&B Data Exchange? Contact us to find out how we can work together.

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Tom Bontempo is the Senior Vice President of D&B Partnership Solutions

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