Unlock Greater CRM Value with D&B for Sugar

Guest post by Martin Schneider
Head of Product Evangelism, SugarCRM

As someone who has spent the better part of his career in the field of customer relationship management (CRM), I can say that the one Achilles’ heel in the industry is still the lack of adoption of CRM software. When it comes to getting sales agents to use a CRM system, the issue is always around the perceived value vs. the actual value of daily use.

Management has always been on board with CRM software, because its data and dashboards provide great management-level visibility and predictability. But front-line sales, marketing, and support teams have been on the losing end of the deal. These users were typically forced to enter data that was, in their minds, less meaningful to them. The constant, manual data-entry paradigm of traditional CRM systems made lack of adoption epidemic.

Image for Martin's post 1But that antiquated notion of CRM is changing, and with this new approach comes a new layer of value that benefits all users – especially those front-line reps. Modern CRM tools like Sugar are dedicated to helping users move away from the drudgery of manual data entry and toward empowerment with tools that push data into their system with a few clicks.

D&B for Sugar solves data problems that have plagued CRM users for decades. D&B for Sugar can enhance the quality of existing data in the system by augmenting records with the most up-to-date and complete data available on people and businesses. This alone is huge: Research firm Gartner estimates that poor data quality costs enterprises $8.2m on average each year.

But the real value of D&B for Sugar is that it gives end users a CRM tool they actually want to use. Users can populate CRM records with the click of a mouse, saving time and effort – and driving productivity. Now, sellers spend more time selling, marketers spend more time finding and converting leads and support agents spend more time helping customers and creating extraordinary customer experiences that help business stand out in a crowded market.

Ultimately, it is an exciting time to be a Sugar user. With tools like D&B for Sugar, the days of manual data entry and poor data quality are over. Instead, users can focus on being more strategic with their customer-facing activities, knowing they have the intelligence they need to make better decisions, reach the right audience, and simply be more effective every time they engage with prospects and customers.

And management, the folks who embraced CRM more than anyone because it provided data, can actually rely on the data that comes out of their CRM because of the high quality of the data that’s now in their CRM.

Editor’s Note: You can also see Ginger Tulley’s guest post on the SugarCRM blog and the joint press announcement.

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