D&B Partner Solutions Offsite Report: Exciting Times Ahead

By Mike Sabin, SVP and General Manager of the Partner Solutions team at D&B

The Global Partner Solutions team here at D&B just completed a fantastic 2 ½ day offsite.  Our purpose in coming together was to focus on how best to work with our partners to deliver solutions that will make their customers successful . . . to help those end users be even better business professionals . . . through the use of integrated content and applications to deliver insight and drive action.

We’ll be blogging about some of the plans we discussed in the future, but in the meantime, we’d like to share a few photos.

One of the real highlights of the offsite was a team building effort in which we assembled individual “care packages” for 80 troops in Afghanistan. We filled each package with personal essentials and some fun foods (Crackerjacks!), enclosed personal letters into each, and then stacked them up into this symbol of the American flag.   It felt great to contribute in some, small way.

Mike Sabin and military rep photo in front of flag

The care packages are stacked up into the symbol of  the American flag.

A representative from the military who recently returned from Afghanistan accepted the packages and said a few words.





whole partner solutions group color II

And here’s a picture of the entire Partner Solutions team. This group of talented folks is working hard to ensure that our partners and their customers thrive as we continue this journey into a data-driven economy.





Please keep an eye on this blog to see how we are working with partners to solve customers’ business problems.

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Mike Sabin is the EVP & GM of D&B Global Alliances and Partnerships

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