What’s in an API?

simplearchWhen D&B first started talking about the API Economy, it was a new idea for the 173-year-old company. We’ve had a few years to get used to the Internet Economy, and now the Data Economy. Gradually, we are changing our business — and our channel strategy — to adapt to a new way of bringing our data to end customers that we share with our ecosystem of partners and developers.

A big piece of that strategy is the D&B Direct 2.0 API. Any organization that’s accustomed to receiving a batch file of D&B commercial or contact data can now write to our API, effectively creating a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) content feed that can be connected to any on-premise application. With cleaner data flowing through enterprise systems, it’s easier to turn prospects into customers, and grow those accounts.

D&B content feeds are on-demand from the cloud, accessing D&B’s database of more than 235 million businesses and 100 million contacts in real time. A DaaS setup has some advantages over a batch file. It integrates D&B data into corporate applications, such as a marketing automation tool or CRM, so the freshest data is always available to end users. DaaS enhances the quality and completeness of data within business databases and provides on-demand business data to the entire enterprise.

D&B Direct 2.0 is a significant upgrade from Direct 1.0. The new set of interfaces has a streamlined architecture that consolidates the technical interface and offers a simpler pricing structure. Direct 2.0 features everything under one platform (one API) that can be equally used by sales and marketing, supply and risk, and third-party data. Furthermore, Direct 2.0 provides real-time alerts to changes in your data. Overall, there is a huge improvement over 1.0 functionality, which required duplicate effort for each platform.

Sign up for access to the D&B Direct Developer Sandbox, and see for yourself. Browse the test parameter values available with Sandbox Access. Check out the D&B Direct 2.0 documentation and REST 1.6 documentation, and visit the D&B App Center for free sample micro-apps that demonstrate the technical capabilities of the new API.

Now that’s a fresh take on an old idea.

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