2 Ways to Flow D&B Data into Spreadsheets

Google_SheetsEvery organization has this problem: Employees take business data out of corporate systems – CRM, ERP and other enterprise applications – and enter it into spreadsheets. On one hand, that simple action can make data more useful. It lets people compare, graph and share information in human-friendly formats like Powerpoint. The downside is, it’s easy to introduce errors into spreadsheet data – and hard to fix them — so the resulting insights may be off-base.

It’s a problem D&B is working to solve with its partners. So far, we’ve released two free cloud-based apps that let end users pull verified D&B data records directly into Microsoft Excel 2013 and Google Sheets.

Verify business contact data — Released last year, D&B Business Verification Add-On lets spreadsheet users compare lists of company names and contact information with verified D&B records. So if you’re looking at a list of 30 suppliers, 400 customers or 5,000 prospects, you can click a button and run a check – names, addresses, phone numbers – to make sure your spreadsheet data is complete and correct. The app flags duplicate records, using the D&B D-U-N-S Number to identify and match entities, even if they go by different business names.

Build-a-List functionality — Released this week, the D&B Business Solutions Add-On can search a D&B database of more than 230 million companies worldwide, selecting for characteristics such as size, location and industry type. The app is a great fit for sales and marketing professionals who need to find and target prospective customers, as well as for supply managers who need to evaluate new business partners. And it lets end users purchase company records via a secure electronic transaction, with prices starting at $4.50 for 1-100 company records.

Microsoft Excel 2013

These add-ons work with online versions of Microsoft Excel, including Excel 2013 used with the Office 365 service and Excel Online.

– Get a free 30-day trial for D&B Business Verification for Microsoft Excel, including access to 1-100 D&B company records, free of charge. Watch this 6-minute demo video from D&B MVP Lynn Langit to get more details how how to install and use the Excel Add-On.

– Download D&B Business Solutions for Microsoft Excel from the Office Store. The beta version allows you to search millions of company records and returns masked results. You can then purchase the full record, including the D&B D-U-N-S Number, using new micropayment functionality.

Google Sheets 

When downloading Google Sheets Add-Ons, it’s best to use the Chrome browser and enter the Add-On library from your Google Sheets application.

Download D&B Business Verification for Google Sheets, and review the app documentation.

Download D&B Business Solutions Add-On for Google Sheets, and read about micropayment and other new functionality in D&B Business Solutions.

These first two apps are a new approach for D&B, as we use Data as a Service (DaaS) to address data quality issues within the enterprise. Our goal is to extend the functionality of popular front-office applications so users can clean, match and verify data as they’re working with it. Stay tuned for a progress report!

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