Where Are Our Customers and What Industries Are They In?

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As much as we don’t like to admit it, many of us marketers carry out our marketing activities with a blindfold on. We are so focused on executing all of the fancy campaigns, tracking and measuring that modern marketing automation and digital marketing make possible, that we forget the basic foundation of it all: accurate customer and lead information.

This scenario may seem familiar: A new CMO is meeting with the marketing team for the first time.

CMO: Okay, give me the lay of the land. What industries are our customers in? And have we already run campaigns to those segments?

[Momentary silence.]

Marketing Director: Well, the customers we know of seem to be mostly in insurance and retail. We haven’t really done any campaigns to any industry segments before.

CMO: OK….and where are our customers located? Are they pretty evenly spaced out around the world, or do they cluster by region?

Marketing Director: We deal mostly with the U.S. and Asia Pacific.

CMO: Please give me a list of customers with industry and location by the end of the day. I’d like to understand which industries we’re strong in and where our customers are located so we can line up resources accordingly. This company has an awesome product but we don’t seem to be getting the traction we should be getting in the market. We need to start with where we are already strong.

Marketing Director: We can get you that list, but it will take about a week. And we know it’s not complete or up to date. But we’ll get you what we can.

Sound familiar?

To be effective, we marketers need to have the most accurate, current information about customers and leads. The good news is, there’s an easy way to do that.  A new free trial of a Google Add-on from D&B lets you clean, fill in and update customer and lead lists in Google Sheets for the next 90 days. It’s called D&B Business Verification for Google Sheets. This free trial is good for up to 100 transactions. It’s a way to get the foundational information about customers and leads right, using tools you already use, so you can market more effectively.

Not a data nerd? That’s OK – a sales or marketing person who’s never taken a database class can do this. We walk you through the process so you’ll feel like a nerd by the time you’re finished. Go to https://sites.google.com/site/dnbbvaddon/ for the online Getting Started documentation.

To start your trial, go here and give it a try. And let us know how you do.

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