D&B Releases Build-a-List Add-On for Google Sheets

sheets3boxD&B and Google have teamed up – again – to bring new functionality to Google Sheets. This week, D&B is releasing beta code for D&B Business Solutions, a Google Sheets Add-on that gives sales, marketing and supply chain professionals access to Build-a-List functionality integrated with D&B commercial data. The benefits include helping users make better business decisions, discover new sales prospects, tailor marketing campaigns and messages, and vet new suppliers with access to key D&B commercial data.

The time has come to boost productivity for cloud-based office users. More and more companies are choosing to run their business using cloud productivity applications like Google Sheets, Docs and Forms. Today, Gartner estimates just 8% of office users (approximately 50m people) access those apps in the cloud. But that number is expected to grow fast, to 33% in 2017 and by an order of magnitude, to 695m users, in 2022. That’s more than all the office users on the planet today.

What’s Build-a-List?

Using the D&B Build-a-List Add-on is simple. Anyone using Sheets can quickly download the D&B Add-on directly from their spreadsheet or Google’s Add-on store. Then, they can use the natively integrated search capability to build a list of companies using specific characteristics such as location, company size, and industry type. Masked results can be previewed for free, so users can refine their searches. Once ready to buy, end users can purchase data via a secure electronic credit card transaction. The cost, which starts at $4.50 for 1-100 records, should fit any size business need as well.

Combining the power of natively accessing D&B’s leading commercial data on over 235 million businesses with Google’s cloud application platform is revolutionary and will transform how small to medium-sized companies manage things like sales and marketing without the need for specialized applications.

This is D&B’s second collaboration with Google Apps. We released a beta of D&B Business Verification Add-on for Google Sheets last year. You can learn more about the free trial of Business Verification and how it helps Sheets users quickly match, cleanse and enrich company data stored in Google spreadsheets.

And this is just the beginning. We are currently readying these and more Google Add-ons for production launch in Q1 2015, enabling a growing micropayment approach that is unique in the B2B market and will allow any company to take advantage of this groundbreaking  combination.

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Ted West is a Director of D&B Strategic Alliances

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