Got Hadoop? Why Not?

Hadoop_yokuHondaFew data-related technologies have been more hyped than Hadoop. The open-source framework for managing and storing large data sets got loads of media attention in 2014, capped off by Hortonworks’ billion-dollar IPO, in December — the first commercial Hadoop company to go public.

Expect to hear more about Hadoop in 2015 — a lot more. In a year-end Forrester Research report, analyst Mike Gualtieri predicts this will be the year Hadoop becomes a “cornerstone” of enterprise systems. The report’s authors even coined a term, “Hadooponomics”, to describe the technology’s skyrocketing growth potential.

What’s all the fuss about? Hadoop is a foundation for Big Data initiatives because of its capability to crunch large amounts of unstructured data like social media, without blowing the budget or slowing down the works. Now, the software is broadening its scope into new use cases, according to Gualtieri.

“Hadooponomics makes enterprise adoption mandatory,” Gualtieri writes in his blog. “The jury is in. Hadoop has been found not guilty of being an over-hyped open source platform. Hadoop has proven real enterprise value in any number of use cases.”

Forrester defines “Hadooponomics” as the Hadoop’s “ability to linearly scale both data storage and data processing.” What’s Forrester’s big argument here? That Hadoop is the cheapest, most reliable and fastest way to handle data that is growing at an exponential rate — in part because it can run across clusters of low-cost servers and storage systems. The economics, Forrester says, make Hadoop a nearly unbeatable choice for many enterprises.

Forrester also says broader adoption will be accelerated because companies are discovering that the costs for adopting and implementing Hadoop are not as steep as they once feared. Indeed, the firm says that rather than having to go out and hire pricey Hadoop specialists, companies are finding that many of their existing developers and IT specialists can get up to speed on Hadoop quickly. (See Prediction #4: The Hadoop skill shortage will disappear.)

In short, Forrester is firmly convinced that Hadoop is the “rising star of the business technology agenda.”

Image credit: Yuko Honda

Posted in Big Data by Lisa Petrucci

Lisa Petrucci is Vice President of Dun & Bradstreet Global Alliances and Partnerships.

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