I know what you do, but why do you do it?

Ted Talk logoBy Tariq Sharif, VP of Product & Partner Marketing at D&B

There’s a popular TED talk by leadership expert Simon Sinek that uses the concept of a golden circle. It explains that companies and people that start with the “why” and then move to the “how” and “what” are much more successful. When customers know why you do what you do, you build stronger and more meaningful client relationships. Think Apple or Nike. We don’t buy just because they sell computers and shoes, but because of what they stand for.

D&B’s new CEO Bob Carrigan and new CMO Rishi Dave are leading D&B’s charge to be much clearer about our “why”. And this translates to our partners as well. At a recent offsite of the D&B Partner Solutions team, we talked about our mission being more than a data provider to our partners. We recognize that customers go to our partners to make significant business decisions – and that is where our “why” comes in. We are here to provide data, yes, but more importantly to help customers draw the insight and foresight from that data to make better decisions.

The discussions we are having with our partners must always be centered on that “why”. Our mission is to work together with partners to come up with the best solution that provides customers clarity, confidence and convenience in a fast-changing business environment.

That’s a lot of c’s, I know. And here’s one more – collaboration. By collaborating with our partners, we present a better solution to customers.


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Tariq Sharif is Vice President of Product & Partner Marketing at D&B

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