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Marina del CastellWith the advent of Data as a Service (DaaS), customers are now looking to connect their enterprise applications – master data management (MDM) hubs, marketing automation, HCM, CRM, ERP, BI and analytics platforms – to high-quality commercial data, insight and professional contacts. That means D&B is expanding its various sales channels, selling through different types of partners and courting distributors who can place the right content with the right kind of client. It’s worth taking a moment to look at who our new partners are, how we work with them, and how our new alliances are helping end customers.

Building on All Fronts

As companies strive toward a 360-degree view of their prospects and customers, our verified company and contact data become central to any CRM or marketing automation platform. Our best-in-class reference data becomes foundational to MDM practice.

Fortunately for D&B, enterprises are hungry for verified data from a reliable source. They want to inject D&B data into their business workflows. For example, giving sales reps accurate contact data in the company CRM system and helping marketing pros calibrate spend with the right audience target.

D&B is focused on recruiting the major ISVs to help us integrate D&B DaaS into their workflow applications and services – among them CRM and ERP platforms. D&B’s Global Alliance and Partners Solutions is partnering with companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and SugarCRM so their apps can consume and present D&B data and insight right within their UIs, so it’s easy for end users to use it in the context of their business.

Our Global AllianceNetwork reseller channel continues to evolve. Here we partner with the reseller already relevant in the partner ecosystem. The value-added resellers (VAR) deliver the packaged goods: ISV software licenses and solutions, D&B content and code. Support and managed services are table-stakes. VARs are increasingly instrumental in recommending and evangelizing DaaS with their customers. We have ongoing business relationships burgeoning in our AllianceNetwork: Symphony, CodeRight, Avanade, and 30+ more.

Integration Is King

Rapidly evolving technology platforms, business processes and policies dictate agility in a complex enterprise context. This is where system integrators (SIs) help. To quote Gartner, “the enterprise is under increasing pressure to drive integration work born of LOB SaaS, APIs and other business initiatives and projects.” D&B partners with SIs to bridge process, technology and usability gaps – and to reduce waste and increase customer value for D&B products and services.

Nourished, the SI can become an incubator for further collaboration, innovation and sales. SIs can have great traction with an enterprise client. Working with them more closely, we hope to create even greater value for our shared customers — and tap into more streams of derivative revenue. So ideal partnership framework is around collaboration and implementation rather than a straight-up product resell. This framework can accelerate time-to-implementation for our customers and deliver better value, sooner. Some examples of our fantastic SIs include CTS, Enapsys, SolidQ and A Hundred Answers Inc. – and we’re expanding our alliances to include businesses in non-U.S. countries.

Have no doubt the need for SIs is growing. My next post is going to talk about a fourth category of partner, a highly skilled data expert who both works with our clients and evangelizes our goods to users and user groups around the world. We call this a community of D&B Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). These data gurus have the skills to decrease time-to-market by driving D&B brand awareness, preference and presence — and to sharpen the cutting edge.

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Eric Sonntag is Vice President of System Integration for Dun & Bradstreet Global AllianceNetwork

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