Is the Elevator Pitch Dead? (Answer: No, It’s Just Moved to Video)

Elevators high tech SingaporeFolks in sales and marketing who have been around a while know the value of an elevator pitch, that quick 50 word summary that describes precisely what you or your company does. It’s the message that is considered “sticky”, something memorable to your audience.  While live elevator pitches are necessary for some audiences – like the VC sitting across from you at a Speed Venture (dating) event – the reality is that the world is too noisy for people to listen. Case in point: when you literally ride an elevator, most of the people in it are too engrossed in their phones to make time for friendly chit-chat.

While de rigueur for an in-person meeting, traditional elevator pitches aren’t effective for the majority of your audience, since they’re interacting with your website on their computer or smart phone. These days, with mobile and entertainment being “everything”, companies are making their elevator pitch in video form, perfectly packaged for consumption on lunch breaks, during quick product research online, on public transport, during a boring conference call or, yes, even on an elevator.  A video can blow the doors off any buzzword-laden 50 word description that’s ever been read or written to date. Quick video content can convey more information about you or your product line than the average prospect would gather from an hour of reading your website.

How compelling is video?  Let’s just say that people are starving for content and marketers are happy to serve up that little visual bump to get them through the day.  According to eMarketer, the growth in digital video production in the US is around $4.15 billion this year, up 43.5% since last year where it sat at a meager $2.89 billion in spend.   They also found that 72% of consumers researched a product more fully after seeing the video. And recently, Facebook  announced new video ads that allow auto-play video in the News Feed as, “…a way to make videos more engaging on Facebook”.

We at D&B are participating in this growing market, too. Our awesome product marketing team has created a new tool for our CRM sales partners, a co-brandable promotional video to amplify and support their efforts in selling D&B360 for CRM.  While a 50 word elevator pitch could describe the product, the video communicates much more than words.

We like how this turned out, but we’d like to hear what you think. Are you seeing the value of D&B360 here? Partners, how can you use this is in your marketing efforts? Let us know in the comments.





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Erin Wright, Marketing Director, Global Alliances & Partnerships