It’s Time For a Change of Season


Maybe it’s the spring bloom underway here in the Northeastern part of the United States that has set my hopeful tone for renewal and growth. Seeing the yellow daffodils and forsythia that highlight my home’s front path always brightens my outlook. As they say, “Hope springs eternal.”

While I don’t think it was planned according to the seasons, it seems wonderfully coincidental that the new is launching April 4. The new site will be a completely modernized experience, with a sophisticated responsive design, a heavy focus on content and an elegant overall user experience.

Along with this launch, the partner blog you’re reading will become part of a marquee editorial section called “Perspectives.” I love that Dun & Bradstreet is committed to sharing helpful content and our best answers to important trends and topics on the minds of our partners and customers – and that it will be getting priority billing on the new site.

Everything you’ve come to expect from this blog will be front and center in “Perspectives.” We will continue to share insights about the topics you care about – and hopefully that exchange of ideas, news and opinions will help as you leverage data and analytics to make important business decisions about critical business relationships.

Our partner relationships are very important to us, and the new site will showcase these relationships better than ever. The number and caliber of partners we work with continues to expand and includes market leaders in CRM, Digital Marketing, Master Data Management, Supplier Risk and Management, Credit and Risk, Compliance and Capital Markets, just to name a few. That’s a testament to our mutual customers’ needs for trusted data integrated in the tools they use every data to grow their businesses. It also shows the value our partners see in working with us.

We feel the same way, and it’s the reason Dun & Bradstreet has invested in a world-class team solely focused on our partner relationships, developing and bringing to market the solutions our mutual customers need. Exploring these solutions, and their place in the larger data world has always been the focus of this blog. Now it will be a primary content stream in “Perspectives,” alongside a variety of other related topics.

We’re dedicated to continuing an ongoing dialogue with you, in person and online. We’re excited to offer “Perspectives” on the new as part of that information exchange. We’re hopeful you’ll find it valuable, interesting and engaging. And we so appreciate you reading this blog these last few years. We’ve enjoyed it and hope you have too.

So starting April 4, head to “Perspectives” for great new content and stories – and in the meantime keep a spring in your proverbial step!

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;

Man never Is, but always To be blest:

The soul, uneasy and confin’d from home,

Rests and expatiates in a life to come.


-Alexander Pope,

An Essay on Man, Epistle I, 1733

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Melissa Kofroth, Director Partner Content Marketing

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