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MVP2Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) MVP is a highly skilled data expert who works with clients and evangelizes our content to users and user groups around the world. We call this a community of D&B Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) – yup, just like an MVP on a basketball team.

Our MVPs work with our customers to decrease time-to-market and speed implementation on data-related projects. They also help D&B by driving brand awareness, preference and presence for us. And we reward with them for their effort with recognition and financial incentives as part of a burgeoning referral program.

Whatever your level of familiarity with D&B, we can show you how D&B business content, products and services can help speed your business ROI and enhance your professional reputation. We can help you evaluate potential new clients and match them with one of the many enterprise solutions D&B provides. For instance, D&B is the only company in the world with a global business database of over 235M+ complete, de-duped and augmented business entities updated several million times a day. As a customer, you benefit from D&B services. As an MVP, you help drive the industry and customer vision for what can be done with that content.

Certainly, your clients are concerned about data quality, and we can help. Start the process of becoming a D&B MVP by registering online. Once you’ve joined the community, meaning, you’ve signed an NDA and referral agreement, completed a profile and are actively participating, you then become eligible for a 10% referral payment for any business D&B closes with our D&B Direct services. It’s our way of saying, “Thanks!”

D&B and its inaugural MVPs are extremely excited about this new program. The opportunities that come with being a D&B MVP are enormous. You can get to know some of our existing MVPs by watching these video interviews. And see how D&B MVP Paul Turley injected some fun into a D&B MVP product demo.

Remember, with D&B, you can be armed with the best content, insight and data in the industry. And you can use those assets to elevate your credibility with your clients – and help your clients improve the quality of the data running through their systems.

Image credit: JD Hancock

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Eric Sonntag is Vice President of System Integration for Dun & Bradstreet Global AllianceNetwork

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