Making a Huge, Impersonal CRM Trade Show Personal

Smiley faceBy Erin Wright, Marketing Manager, D&B Strategic Alliances 

My trusty band of booth warriors recently joined forces in Atlanta for the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence conference. You can imagine how large and impersonal the exhibit floor can be at a show of this size.  (For those of you who have never had the pleasure, I can report with confidence that you can hit your Fitbit goal of 10k steps by 11 am!)

It’s tricky. You’re at the show to make a personal connection, yet you’re operating in an artificial environment where each booth screams more loudly than the next, “Look at me!”  But artificial “look at me” doesn’t last long and fatigue sets in for attendees and booth warriors alike.

For this show, we challenged ourselves to find a different method of starting a real conversation that evoked an emotional response with people.  We wanted to personalize and humanize each interaction in our booth.

So, how did we do it?  In part, with a simple little game called, “Does Your CRM Data Quality Make You Smile?”  The object of the game was for visitors to choose an emoticon sticker and place it on our game board in a location that represented the ease of use and accuracy of their current CRM data. It also allowed unique personalization in that we had 5 emoticons to choose from- from ecstatic to outright angry.

All scientists start with a hypothesis, and marketing “scientists” are no different.  My theory was that we could use this as a starting point for the conversation in the booth.  “Hello, how is your CRM data quality working for YOU?”  It did work, and many people were willing to add a sticker to our display.

But, there was a surprise.

It turned out that once people saw a demo of how the D&B CRM solution empowered them by taking lots of busy work out of their work flow and helping them be more effective, they proactively wanted to select a sticker and play the game.  By providing a safe, fun way for our visitors to express how they felt, my crack team of booth warriors turned an impersonal demo into a moment of clarity where it all became personal for our booth visitors

In what ways do you make what you do personal?

Read more from AdAge about emotions in B2B marketing.

PS:  Curious about the results of the game?  See my next post.

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Erin Wright, Marketing Director, Global Alliances & Partnerships

One thought on “Making a Huge, Impersonal CRM Trade Show Personal

  1. Thanks Erin! Excellent article on how to engage visitors to our booth. I would add, that once seeing our D&B360 for CRM solution, booth visitors had that “wheels are spinning” look on their faces. They would leave with a sense of what’s possible when faced with data quality and integrity issues in their CRM implementation. Can’t wait to have you post the results of the game!

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