You Have Your Customer’s Email. What’s Next?


Many businesses do a great job collecting their customer’s email addresses. They’re also using social media like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to build awareness and affinity among customers who use those sites. Customer emails and social handles are great assets for marketers to have. Unfortunately, though, at most companies, they are being grossly under-utilized.

Are you making the most of customer data?

Start by asking yourself these questions.

  • Are the email addresses you have from your customers for their business accounts or personal accounts?
  • Are the email addresses current? Do they work?
  • Most importantly, do you know which of your customers have high social influence scores in social media?

When an email is linked to a social handle, you know the email is functional. Since users of social websites mostly use personal emails, matching an email address to a social handle is an effective way to make a business-to-person connection.

Matching Email to Social Profiles

The D&B Data Exchange provides an API that can take an email address as input and match to a user’s social handle, resulting in greater insight about the customer. It can reveal basic demographic data, a list of the social websites they belong to, and their social influence score.

So why is a user’s social score so important? A person with a high social influence score may bring in many more leads than a person with a low social influence score. Additionally, leads from customers with high social influence scores are often higher quality as well.

Take the emails of your customers, and find out their social influence scores using the real-time API from the D&B Data Exchange. Next, leverage those customers with high influence scores to help build your brand. Prioritize their feedback on your products or services, and even invite them to try new offerings before you introduce them in the wider market. If your influencers like the product, you have probably increased the likelihood of having a successful product launch.

Image credit: Giovanni Saccone

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Ronak Parikh is a Product Director for D&B Data Exchange & Global S&MS Solutions

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