Who Is Walking into Your Web Store?

mystery shopper

I love my local barbershop. Ray, the owner, personally knows everyone who walks through his door. He asks about my family and knows the names of my children. Ray has developed a nice roster of clientele over the years, in no small part because he is able to provide personalized service.

If Ray had a website, would he be able to know the visitors and provide personalized service, like he does in his barbershop? A website is an essential tool for any business not just e-commerce companies. It is a way to build awareness for your products, support customer research needs and nudge buying decisions your way. Having a website also opens your business to a global customer base.

How can you know who is walking into your website? How can you offer personalized service on your web store? When a customer comes to your website, you do not see their face. However, you can see their IP address. How does that help? What can business owners do with an IP address?

The D&B Data Exchange matches business IP addresses to the business’ D-U-N-S Number. If a customer is accessing a website using his or her company’s server, you can match the user’s IP address to the business name in real time.

With IP-to-business name mapping, business owners can:

  • Understand who, when and how many times visitors access their site from a particular business domain
  • Customize their web page based on the businesses coming to it
  • Reduce drop rates on their web forms by automatically filling out those fields related to the associated business

The capability to match an IP address to a business name in real time helps you know who is walking into your web store. It will not tell you about the family of the person walking into your web store, but it is a great way to know and delight your customers with a customized web experience in real time! Talk to your D&B rep to learn more. If you don’t have one, contact our sales team by phone or on the web.

Image credit: John Goode


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Ronak Parikh is a Product Director for D&B Data Exchange & Global S&MS Solutions

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