New Research: Data-Driven Marketing Trends

charts magnifying glass blog pictureSay the right things to the right people at the right time.

Meet those three requirements and your marketing will work. But this recipe for success depends on your ability to know your market and your buyers – and how to reach them.

That’s easier said than done. Why? Because the data you rely on for marketing insights can be volatile.

Consider what happens every 30 minutes*:

  • 120 business addresses change
  • 75 phone numbers change
  • 20 CEOs leave their jobs
  • 30 new business are formed

There’s one clear answer to the challenge of constant change: access to constantly updated information about your customers and prospects. This is the foundation for data-driven marketing efforts.

Key Findings from Data Driven-Marketing Trends Research

As providers of a continuous stream of commercial data and insights on more than 250 million company records worldwide, we strive to keep a constant pulse on how marketers use data to achieve their objectives. Our partner Informatica is also committed to helping marketers make data ready to confidently connect with customers.

So together, we engaged Ascend2 to conduct a study. The goal was clear: Learn how CMOs and marketing pros are meeting the challenges of achieving data quality for data-driven marketing.

You’ll be surprised at some of the findings from the benchmark report Data-Driven Marketing Trends: How and why data quality will optimize the effectiveness of your data-driven marketing strategy.

Here are a few highlights:

  • 58% of marketers cite personalizing the customer experience as the most important objective of a data-driven marketing strategy
  • 57% say improving data quality is the most challenging obstacle to data-driven marketing success
  • 69% use both internal and external resources to improve their data quality

These marketers validated the importance, challenges and impact of data quality on their marketing success. They also recognize they can’t do it alone – getting and keeping quality data requires third party enrichment.

There are many more useful findings in this report — sign up for your complimentary copy

* Source: Dun & Bradstreet; The Sales and Marketing Institute


Informatica and Dun & Bradstreet have partnered to enable Informatica’s customers to use D&B’s data and insights to identify risk and opportunity across the enterprise. D&B data is integrated within Informatica workflows, delivering data on demand at the point of decision, when, where, and how it is needed. To learn more, visit

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