D&B Partners with Oracle BlueKai to Deliver Optimized B2B Ad Targeting

marketers-datainWith a focus on driving success for our customers across the enterprise, D&B continues to blaze new trails in the B2B marketing space. Building on our strategic relationship with Oracle’s Data Cloud group, in which D&B is the backbone of the Oracle Data as a Service for Business offering, the two companies have extended the solution by entering into a new digital marketing agreement to deliver commercial audience segmentation data as part of the BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace and Data Management Platform (DMP).

The expansion of this partnership recognizes that marketers are looking to mine, refine and target with precision all prospect and customer touch-points throughout their marketing platforms. This new combined offering helps organize and make available B2B cookie data, so businesses can personalize content and delivery to distinct audience segments.

As a publisher to the BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace, D&B delivers information on 152 audience segments, so enterprise sales and marketing teams using the BlueKai platform can target more granular segments with the right messages and offers. The combined offering delivers on a key value proposition for B2B marketers: using deterministic rather than probabilistic tools that provide the necessary insight to create campaigns and deliver more relevant, targeted offers that resonate – maximizing ROI.

To support and ensure our success in this new space, D&B has formed an Audience Solutions Group. Its task is to discover, evaluate and harmonize new data sources, and leverage technology to tailor the offering specifically around the complexities faced by the B2B marketer. Leveraging over 600 known attributes, D&B Audience Solutions can provide a deep understanding of both role and business behavior within a client company by mining the following types of attributes:

  • Company information, including number of employees, annual revenue and maturity
  • Industry classifications such as SIC and NAICS
  • Functional data for contacts, including area of responsibility, domain expertise and seniority
  • Decision-maker contacts in IT, financial and business roles

This new partnership brings enterprise customers another step closer to true data-driven decision-making. D&B’s vision is to drive value from our immense commercial assets – and to help enterprise customers speed up revenue cycles using the marketing platform of choice.

Reading List

Want to learn more about how BlueKai can help your team turbocharge B2B sales? Here are some resources to get you started.

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– Forrester report: Navigating The New Data Market Landscape
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– Winterberry white paper: Going Global: Programmatic Audience Development around the World

Image credit: Oracle BlueKai

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