Be the First to Know with Real-Time Data Monitoring

One Way StockNot that long ago, weekly news magazines like Time and Newsweek kept us up-to-date on world events. In the age of customized news alerts, that sounds about as quaint as ticker tape.

The acceleration of information is speeding up every aspect of business. Product lifecycles are shrinking from years to months – or even weeks. Just-in-time inventory is here. And a well-timed social media post can have the same impact — literally, in seconds — as a marketing campaign that took months to plan and execute.

This rapid pace also impacts the companies you do business with. For instance, in the next 60 minutes in the U.S. alone:

  • 148 companies will open for business
  • 86 companies will move to a new address
  • 170 people will assume a new directorship role (CEO, CFO, CTO and so on)
  • 399 suits, liens or judgments will be filed by against businesses.

Instant Insight, Immediate Action

Now, with Dun & Bradstreet’s data monitoring capabilities, you will be the first to know with proactive, real-time alerts. As soon as there is a change in the D&B records you’re tracking, your own systems get updated automatically.

With that kind of access to real-time information, you can:

  • Seize opportunities before your competitors do
  • Respond to market events and avoid risk
  • Improve operational performance.

Let’s say you want to market your services to software companies in the Austin, Texas region. But you only want to do business with stable companies with a high likelihood of paying their bills on time. With D&B Direct, you can create a custom triggers that track all software companies located in and around Austin with a healthy Marketing Prescreen Score.

As a result, it’s easy for a business to:

  • Identify and act on opportunities once unstable companies change direction
  • Avoid doing business with companies that are a financial risk
  • Improve productivity by focusing efforts on the best prospects for profitability

Seamless Updates, Laser-Sharp Focus

With D&B Direct, you now have the monitoring capacity for millions of records. But you don’t have to proactively search for the latest information or perform manual updates. Changes are delivered automatically—and in a workflow that you choose. You can receive unlimited updates directly within your own internal systems—without making additional data calls to the same record.

To increase the speed of insight, you can also receive updates via:

  • Email
  • HTTP CallBack
  • IBM WebSphere MQ

Just as importantly, you may create triggers based on more than 2,000 data elements such as Marketing Prescreen Score, Total Loss Predictor Score and more.

Businesses gain a laser-sharp focus on the specific changes that impact profitability. They can act immediately to avoid unexpected risks and seize new opportunities – and be the first to know.

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Jim Dietrich is Vice President of Channel Enablement for D&B Global Product Solutions

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