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Today, at the U.S. Microsoft Dynamics FY2015 Sales Kick Off in New Orleans, the D&B Global AllianceNetwork team is launching new partnering options for channel members who recommend and deliver sales and marketing solutions. The D&B AllianceNetwork program now offers a referral option, and includes more D&B products: D&B for Sugar, D&B360 for CRM, Hoovers, MobileIQ, D&B Direct and Optimizer. Visit the D&B Solution Partners page to find out more, and to determine how you can take advantage of the new options to grow and differentiate your consulting business.

The new referral option is one way we can reward partners who bring us into conversations with customers early on. Research shows that having data integration discussions early with customers increases deal size, reduces the sales cycle and creates “stickier” customer relationships. So it makes sense to consider data quality as the foundation of any new sales and marketing solution, since more accurate, complete information can have an exponential impact on end users’ productivity and their ability to access business insight within existing workflows.

I’m new to D&B, celebrating my third month. And what strikes me is the enormous transformation the company is undertaking. For a 173-year-old organization accustomed to going to market primarily through direct sales, moving to a full multi-channel model challenges us all to think differently. As D&B CEO Bob Carrigan said earlier this summer: “Our goal is to be completely easy to do business with, and remove the barriers to getting more business done.” To that end, there is a D&B-wide initiative to build new partnerships and alliances, and invigorate existing ones.

This is just our first step. Over time, we have more ambitious goals: To extend our Data as a Service (DaaS) business to partners around the globe. To reach small businesses with the right data quality solution at the right price point. And to draw more developers, consultants and integrators to our products, so they can deliver more comprehensive, effective technology solutions to their customers – and earn more revenue.

Stay tuned to this blog for more news from D&B’s Partnership Solutions team. To find out more about joining the D&B AllianceNetwork program, fill out our partner contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

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Stan Gorski is the Vice President of D&B AllianceNetwork

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