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DFcrownAt Dreamforce 2014 this week, announced a new initiative: the Salesforce Analytics Cloud Ecosystem, codenamed Project Wave. The online analytics platform is tailored to the needs of business users, so they can easily analyze business, social and transactional data to gain insight into those factors that directly affect their business.

D&B is excited to partner with to deliver more value to our joint customers.“We look forward to continuing to develop powerful applications that fuse Salesforce’s best-in-class technology with D&B’s global content and analytics,” said Mike Sabin, executive vice president and general manager of D&B’s Global Alliances & Partnerships.

busstopThe Dreamforce conference is off to a strong start. A predominant theme of the show is mobility: how to make it easier for all types of end users to access sophisticated workflows and functions on the go, through their smartphones, tablets and PCs.

“The convergence of mobile, social and cloud computing has sparked a data revolution, and companies today must leverage data-driven insights to connect with their customers in a whole new way,” said Keith Bigelow, Senior Vice President & General Manager for Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

It’s interesting that mobility is such a huge theme of a CRM conference, which is essentially about connecting people to other people for the purposes of commerce. It reminds me of the meme in the 90s: The best interface is no interface. Designers, programmers and visionaries still want to create a linga franca for all software, so users won’t need to relearn how to do simple functions, like close, save or increase volume, for every user interface. HanuschakIt’s a direction that D&B is exploring as well, when we talk about modernizing data delivery and putting business insights in the hands of non-technical business managers. “There’s an evolution going on, in terms of how we think about software,” said D&B’s Dave Hanuschak at a Lunchtime Table Talk today. “We’ve had B2C and B2B. Next I think we’ll see H2H, meaning, human to human.”

Salesforce is committing to person-to-person interactions with Project Wave. The online analytics environment will create a self-serve destination for non-technical people to analyze information, which is great. And it will offer easy access on a variety of devices, including mobile, which makes it convenient for sales people and others who want remote access. Best of all, it will provide a place for technical and business folks to meet, sharing ideas and insights, and align around what types of intelligence they need to impact their business. So it’s an avenue for the meeting of the minds – without the tools and applications getting in the way of the ideas.

Of course, it’s not a brain interface. But for now, Wave promises to be a big step forward. And for all those visionaries out there, there are always the Wave APIs to extend the environment.

If you’re at Dreamforce, come check out D&B’s content capabilities for Project Wave at our booth in Moscone North, #N2118.

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