New in Salesforce: Nuggets of Niche Data

Andres RodriguezFor some time now, Dun & Bradstreet has been cleansing, matching and marketing specialized data from a variety of data partners through its Data Exchange program. Soon, Salesforce users will be able to access these unique, pre-integrated data sets when they download a new free app, D&B DE (Data Exchange), from Salesforce AppExchange.

Interested? You can get a sneak peek by signing up for the beta program online. (Scroll down, click on the Contact Us button and complete the form to get the process started.) Once installed, the D&B DE app lets Salesforce users pick and choose from the available Data Exchange data sets, using those records to enrich their Account or Opportunity screens.

As D&B releases new data offerings, the D&B DE app will take care of permissions and records enrichment. Cost is based on the amount and type of data used. There’s no data integration work required, as Data Exchange data is already matched to the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number. This number is a unique identifier for businesses around the world and serves as a referential locator for a wide variety of data records. For users, your records will have D-U-N-S Numbers appended automatically, making the solution ready to use upon install.

In the first release of the app, Dun & Bradstreet will offer data from these Data Exchange partners:

Bombora tracks online behaviors and measures intent of prospective business buyers, parsed into 320 segments to help B2B marketers with more precise targeting.

Industrial Interface models data about the manufacturing industry, covering market share, new opportunities, government contracts and more than 25 million products.

Iridium tracks private equity, commercial loans and other funding to high-growth companies, as well as government contract awards, so sales reps can engage prospects at the right time.

Datamyne aggregates supply chain data to monitor risks for U.S. companies. It tracks shipped imports from non-U.S. companies and identifies alternative suppliers and new market growth.

Dataprovider extracts data from more than 140 million websites in 40+ countries, collecting contact information, details on e-commerce systems and payment solutions, and site registries.

– Oxxford models energy classification, needs and risk variables, with banking data derived from IRS and other government agency sources.

U.S. Farm Data captures farm and ranch data, with 200 data fields that include number of livestock, crop type and farm ownership.

With this new Salesforce AppExchange app, Dun & Bradstreet is expanding the data types available via the D&B Direct APIs, so we can deliver third-party data as a DaaS stream alongside traditional Dun & Bradstreet firmographics. For end users, it means they now have the ability to discover, search and buy unique data sets via functionality built into the Salesforce platform – without having to sign a massive contract or take on a data integration project. And for D&B partners, it means another outlet for their data offerings, right from within a popular ecosystem visited by tens of thousands of unique users every day.

Want to see your data included in the on the AppExchange? Contact us via the Data Exchange program webpage. We’d love to talk to you.

New UK-Specific Data

Dun & Bradstreet also plans to bring a new offering to market through the D&B DE app: Local UK Data. This data set offers region-specific data such as UK SIC, Trading Indicator, Company Registration Number and VAT Number – all necessary elements of insight for business analysts focused on the UK. This data also comes pre-integrated to the D-U-N-S Number, which makes it easy to add contact data from the local UK market database.

Why is geo-specific data valuable? Because when we normalize data fields across cultures and borders, we get broad business data that our customers can use for research, reporting, credit analysis and other critical business activities. However, important fields can get lost. Offering local data in an unaltered fashion means users can access fields that are relevant for their unique business environment – and can be used to unlock greater insight into their local economies.


Image credit: Andres Rodriguez

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Jay Vigeland is a Senior Director for Dun & Bradstreet Global Alliances

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