How SIs Extended a Data-Enriched CRM to Verify Lead Form Data

Umberto SalvagninWhat if there were a way to make enterprise employees more productive when it came to finding, qualifying and approving new sales leads? Well, now there is. Dun & Bradstreet worked with AllianceNetwork partner CodeRight to deliver a solution for lead form automation. The goal? Help the client’s sales team process leads more quickly, with fewer missing or incorrect data fields going into the CRM.

Working for a leading liquid solution design and rental company, CodeRight built a customized web lead form with a button that the company’s employees can click on to automatically match lead form data to Dun & Bradstreet’s commercial database and flag any discrepancies. A connection was created between the client’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and Dun & Bradstreet’s database using the D&B Direct 2.0 API, and then CodeRight extended the bridge to enable automation.

For employees, the solution gives them an easy way to enter complete and correct contact information into the CRM, without having to look up the company’s name, address and phone number on the Internet. Instead, they see a cleansed version of the record and can review and accept corrections before entering the record into the lead qualification pipeline.

How good are the leads? Users see a confidence code for each lead that’s based on multiple data points. Companies can set up a threshold that specifies that only leads with a confidence code of 7 or higher can move forward in the process. In this case, CodeRight put in place a manual process, in which matched leads are sorted by confidence code and then users select the appropriate matched record. That record, its company details and subsequent marketing prescreen data are automatically saved with the CRM lead form, so no information gets lost.

The best part is this: The entire design, development and test to production took a mere two weeks. That shows how fast implementation with a skilled AllianceNetwork SI partner can be — and how the D&B Direct 2.0 API can solve customer problems and deliver value to customers.

“End users are delighted,” said Brian Tuttle, president of CodeRight, in Tewksbury, Mass. “The D&B Direct 2.0 API can be a workhorse for sales and marketing automation.”

Dun & Bradstreet Solution Architect, Cameron Thorn, attests to the value of the system integrator in deploying Dun & Bradstreet services and data. “Our customers demand development resources that are familiar with Dun & Bradstreet products and data and can deliver the solutions without spending prolonged time to understand the third-party product,” Thorn said. “CodeRight was great partner for this assignment, to design and implement the solution.”

What do SIs get out of the arrangement? New business opportunities and an opportunity to expand their expertise into data-enrichment services for enterprise clients. For Dun & Bradstreet, these solution partnerships are invaluable. System integrators fill a service gap for Dun & Bradstreet — and invariably uncover new referral and resell business that both companies can exploit.

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Eric Sonntag is Vice President of System Integration for Dun & Bradstreet Global AllianceNetwork

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