D&B Draws Support from SQL Server BI Community

pturleyNo one ever said Paul Turley lacks a sense of humor. The SQL Server business intelligence (BI) expert, SolidQ mentor and Microsoft SQL Server MVP made a demo video for people who hate demo videos. Instead of a voiceover, Turley set the demo visuals to music. So you can see how D&B data feeds work with Microsoft PowerBI for Office 365 and rock out at the same time. Brilliant!

Of course, for those folks who want a primer on how D&B data can be streamed from the Windows Azure Marketplace (supported by SQL Server) into Microsoft Excel 2013, the full demo is available as well. It does a fantastic job of showing how anyone can get great insights on customer business demographics information using D&B data with a relatively simple data model. Pretty impressive stuff.

You might ask, who is Paul Turley, and why does he present on D&B’s Data as a Service (DaaS) solutions? Well, the short answer is, he’s a SQL Server BI guru – one of the best in the business – and he’s doing D&B a favor. It’s just one of the relationships forged by D&B’s Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) Program. The MVP program has been successful in reaching out to developers, system integrators and consultants, and recruiting them to D&B’s cause: to bring cleaner data into every application and environment through partnerships. And they’re on board to help tell the D&B story around content and business data – where it’s going, how to get involved and how to make it work.

Learn more about Paul and the other D&B MVPs by visiting the MVP Directory. Paul also blogs for the SQL Server BI community and is passionate about analyzing and visualizing data to get value insights. Check out his latest video tutorial, on using the D&B cleanse & match service in Microsoft Excel 2013.

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