D&B Joins SugarCRM Partners in Munich

MurrayInActionThe digerati of Munich, Germany are celebrating the end of Oktoberfest with a whole new event: SugarCRM’s Global Partner Summit. I and my colleagues Vimal Vel and Murray Keiffer are excited to be here, rubbing elbows with our partners at SugarCRM and meeting both the Sugar channel partners we’ve already signed up and new European channel partners. The D&B AllianceNetwork is truly going global!

One thing strikes me as I talk to people here. They seem really tuned in to the value and use of data in CRM systems. Maybe it’s because the stricter privacy laws in Europe mean data isn’t so readily available, but business and IT people don’t seem to take high-quality data for granted. Whatever the reason, we don’t have to talk to folks here for long about the power of embedding great content  in sales and marketing workflows before their heads start to nod in agreement.

Earlier today, D&B’s Vimal Vel  joined Patrick Pahl, VP Alliances at VimalVelElevatorSugarCRM, on stage to talk about the powerful combination of the efficiency of CRM and effectiveness of D&B’s streaming business information and insights. It’s the shared value proposition that D&B and SugarCRM are looking to bring to even more organizations around the globe.

Why are D&B and SugarCRM such a great combination? Watch our new video, D&B for Sugar: Transform how you sell, market and serve customers, to find out more.


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Stan Gorski is the Vice President of D&B AllianceNetwork

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