New Deal with DocuSign

Product-screen-1 copyDun & Bradstreet and DocuSign announced a strategic partnership at Dreamforce today, with plans to merge Dun & Bradstreet credit and risk data into DocuSign’s popular business app, DocuSign for Salesforce.

DocuSign is the global standard for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and e-signatures, so end users can complete document-based transactions, such as contracts, in a digital format that’s accessible on mobile devices and in the cloud. The DocuSign for Salesforce app enables Salesforce users to sign and send documents on any device, and it integrates with the Salesforce 1 platform so contracts can be archived alongside other client records.

The goal of the alliance is to enable Salesforce users to complete a degree of due diligence as part of the signing process, for instance checking financial risk factors at any point before e-signing a document. For savvy businesses, having up-to-the-minute access to commercial insight can help them lower their financial risk, enhance security and compliance, and simplify document archiving.

“We’re excited to partner with DocuSign as the global standard for Digital Transaction Management to help businesses make timely and better-informed decisions about whether or not they should proceed with a deal,” said Mike Sabin, General Manager of Alliances & Partnerships at Dun & Bradstreet. “With business moving faster than ever, even amidst increasing regulatory scrutiny, this new fully digital solution is a first line of defense in risk management.”

“We’re pleased to have Dun & Bradstreet as part of The DocuSign Global Trust Network,” said Reggie Davis, General Counsel, DocuSign. “Solutions like our new joint pre-contract due diligence app built on DocuSign’s award-winning API bring the value of Digital Transaction Management to more departments across the enterprise, helping further serve as a catalyst to all the benefits of the fully digital business.”

The enriched DocuSign app is planned for release later this year in North America via the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Check Us Out at Dreamforce

We’re lookingJon Mountjoy forward to joining 130,000 of our closest friends at Dreamforce in San Francisco next week. Now, there are upsides and downsides to attending the world’s largest “Not Software” conference. On one hand, anyone and everyone interested in making sales teams more effective – so they can continue to drive the engine of global commerce – will be there. On the other, getting a cab or a decent dinner reservation is pretty much impossible.

The show is a great place to make new connections, forge new partnerships and hear new ideas. And it gives our experts a chance to win some mindshare for our main idea: that adding high-quality, verified commercial data to enterprise-class software and systems can make sales and marketing teams more effective.

Better insights result in better decisions — and better relationships. And it all starts with great data.

A big nod to Salesforce and specifically for their ongoing strategic partnership with us and their willingness to include so many of our Global Alliance team members in their joint sessions. Here’s where you can find us next week.


Tuesday Sept. 15, 2015

Session: Data-Driven Decisions to Drive Best-Practice Sales & Marketing ROI with Jeremy Levin
1pm; Cloud Expos, Partner Theater North 1

Session: Experience the Power of Dun & Bradstreet in Salesforce with Jeremy Levin
4pm; San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Foothill E

Session: Scaling Account-based Marketing in a Digital World with Rishi Dave
4:30pm; Metreon AMC Theaters, Theater 6


Wednesday Sept. 16, 2015

Session: Enough Is Enough! with Anthony Scriffignano
11am; Cloud Expos, Partner Theater West

Session: for Sales: The Path to Sales Intelligence with panelist Jay Glick
11:30am; San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Yerba Buena Salon 8

Session: Stump the Data Scientist with Anthony Scriffignano
11:45am; Dun & Bradstreet Booth #N1225 Keynote: The Future of Intelligent Selling with Michelle Huff, General Manager
4:30pm; San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Yerba Buena Salon 9



Party: Circus Mystero
Hosted by, Dun & Bradstreet and Thomson Reuters, this party is open to those with a Dreamforce badge. Try to win a trip to Las Vegas.
8pm; Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison St., San Francisco


Thursday Sept. 17, 2015

Panel: for Sales: The Path to Sales Intelligence with panelist Jay Glick
12pm;  San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Golden Gate B

Panel: Choose the Right Sales KPIs with panelist Gabe Rizzi
12:30pm; San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Yerba Buena Salon 8

Session: The Marketing Leadership Power Hour with moderator/speaker Matt Collins
1pm; San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Golden Gate C1-C3

Session: The Keys to Successful Account Matching using Clean with Anthony Scriffignano, Jeremy Levin
1pm; Metreon AMC Theaters, Theater 14

Session: Grow Your Business with Global Data Strategies from the Pros with Jeremy Levin, Jonathan Paterson and customer Rosetta Stone
1:30pm; San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Golden Gate A

Session: Experience the Power of Dun & Bradstreet in Salesforce with Michael Gandolf
4pm; San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Foothill E

You can find our tireless team at the Dun & Bradstreet booth, at #N1225. If you’re skipping the show, you can always get the latest insights from the show floor via Twitter. We’ll be posting to @DnBUS. You can also search for #DF15 and #Dreamforce for more event news.

Image credit: Jon Mountjoy

Digital Marketing Is Bigger than Data

2014-10-15 11.32.16Nearly 15 years ago, launched its “No Software” campaign. It was a way to move CRM technology – and marketing – into the future. A more user-friendly future, with mobile access to contacts and easier collaboration within workflows. The campaign also played on pain points like server management overhead and the need to update client software on all different types of desktops.

Now, D&B’s CMO Rishi Dave (@rishipdave) is borrowing a page from’s playbook. At a recent Dreamforce conference, the digital marketing expert suggested we take a similar approach to another painful commodity: data.

“It’s no longer about the data. What it’s really about is how you’re driving your relationships with your customers,” Dave said last month during his talk, The Role of Customer Intelligence in an Inbound Marketing World. “The nature of that relationship has fundamentally changed.”2014-10-15 13.01.22

Here’s an example. In the old world of B2B sales, customers start their due diligence on a new IT solution by calling their sales reps. With the growth of information on the web, as well as social media and other influencers, typical buyers today are 60% of the way through their research before they ever pick up the phone. That means the heat is on to find ways to influence potential customers, before they make contact with your company.

Digital marketers need to evolve to meet this new reality. At the very least, they will need:

  • A 360-degree view of the customer
  • To build models for automated response
  • To deliver excellent online experiences that reflect a customer’s buying preferences and behaviors
  • A combination of highly targeted content, influencer management, and digital and physical experiences.

Easy, right? Except there’s one more thing: You’ll also need a feedback loop to monitor progress and tweak the mix, constantly. The new challenge – and it’s a big one – is to make sure you’re keeping pace with the market, every place the customer goes.

Learn more about Dave’s digital marketing philosophies by watching this Forbes video interview and visiting D&B’s new Connectors marketing blog.

From An Analytics Cloud

DFcrownAt Dreamforce 2014 this week, announced a new initiative: the Salesforce Analytics Cloud Ecosystem, codenamed Project Wave. The online analytics platform is tailored to the needs of business users, so they can easily analyze business, social and transactional data to gain insight into those factors that directly affect their business.

D&B is excited to partner with to deliver more value to our joint customers.“We look forward to continuing to develop powerful applications that fuse Salesforce’s best-in-class technology with D&B’s global content and analytics,” said Mike Sabin, executive vice president and general manager of D&B’s Global Alliances & Partnerships.

busstopThe Dreamforce conference is off to a strong start. A predominant theme of the show is mobility: how to make it easier for all types of end users to access sophisticated workflows and functions on the go, through their smartphones, tablets and PCs.

“The convergence of mobile, social and cloud computing has sparked a data revolution, and companies today must leverage data-driven insights to connect with their customers in a whole new way,” said Keith Bigelow, Senior Vice President & General Manager for Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

It’s interesting that mobility is such a huge theme of a CRM conference, which is essentially about connecting people to other people for the purposes of commerce. It reminds me of the meme in the 90s: The best interface is no interface. Designers, programmers and visionaries still want to create a linga franca for all software, so users won’t need to relearn how to do simple functions, like close, save or increase volume, for every user interface. HanuschakIt’s a direction that D&B is exploring as well, when we talk about modernizing data delivery and putting business insights in the hands of non-technical business managers. “There’s an evolution going on, in terms of how we think about software,” said D&B’s Dave Hanuschak at a Lunchtime Table Talk today. “We’ve had B2C and B2B. Next I think we’ll see H2H, meaning, human to human.”

Salesforce is committing to person-to-person interactions with Project Wave. The online analytics environment will create a self-serve destination for non-technical people to analyze information, which is great. And it will offer easy access on a variety of devices, including mobile, which makes it convenient for sales people and others who want remote access. Best of all, it will provide a place for technical and business folks to meet, sharing ideas and insights, and align around what types of intelligence they need to impact their business. So it’s an avenue for the meeting of the minds – without the tools and applications getting in the way of the ideas.

Of course, it’s not a brain interface. But for now, Wave promises to be a big step forward. And for all those visionaries out there, there are always the Wave APIs to extend the environment.

If you’re at Dreamforce, come check out D&B’s content capabilities for Project Wave at our booth in Moscone North, #N2118.

Where to Find Us at Dreamforce

dreamforceTo say’s Dreamforce has gotten big is something of an understatement. With 130,000 attendees expected and more than 1,400 sessions, the 12th Dreamforce is officially one of the largest software conferences in the world.

D&B is thrilled to be a partner and a silver sponsor of the event, taking place this week in downtown San Francisco, at the Moscone Convention Center and surrounding venues.

Want to find D&B at Dreamforce? Here’s where we’ll be.

Booth: D&B will be showing a number of best-practice applications featuring D&B data and analytics in Booth #N2118 in Moscone North. We’re also in the Salesforce Booth #N1324 in Moscone North showcasing our partner solution that helps businesses gain a more complete view of their customers and prospects.

Tues. Oct 14

Maximize the Match Rates of Accounts, Contacts and Leads with
Breakout Session with Jeremy Levin
9:30am at the Century Theater, Room 9

All You Ever Wanted to Know about D&B Global Account Data
Breakout Session with Jay Glick and Jonathan Paterson
10am at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Foothill E

The Mobile Revolution
Lunchtime Table Talk with David Hanuschak and Gurpinder Dhillon
11:30am-1pm at the Marriott Marquis Hotel,Yerba Buena Garden Terrace

Data Therapy Q&A
Breakout Session with Jay Vigeland and members of the team
1pm at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Yerba Buena Salon 8

Wed. Oct. 15

Building a Customer Master Strategy in
Expert Session with Jay Vigeland and experts and customers
8:30am at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Yerba Buena Salon 13, 14, 15

The Role of Customer Intelligence in Inbound Marketing
Content Session with Rishi Dave, D&B CMO
1pm at the Palace Hotel, Presidio Room

Breakthrough Selling:the Future of Customer Data in the Cloud
Keynote Address with D&B’s Michael Sabin and executives
3:30pm at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Yerba Buena Salon 9

Data Therapy Q&A
4:30pm at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Yerba Buena Salon 8

Analytics Partner Demo
Presentation by Jay Glick
5:30pm in Moscone West, 3rd Fl, Analytics Cloud Zone Theater

Thurs. Oct 16

All You Ever Wanted to Know about D&B Global Account Data
Breakout Session with Jay Glick and Jonathan Paterson
12pm at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Foothill East

There’s lots to see and learn. Keep on top of it all using Twitter. Just search for the #DF14 hashtag. You can also follow these conference digerati to see what they’re up to.

In the meantime, check out the $1-millon hackathon, the concerts and, of course, what to wear.

Image credit: Jon Mountjoy

D&B and Dreamforce 2013: The Force of Innovation and Customer Engagement

Dreamforce logo squareDreamforce is’s annual customer conference in San Francisco and the largest conference in the software industry, attracting over 130,000 attendees this year. Salesforce has always leveraged this event to engage its rapidly growing customer base and showcase its innovation—this year did not disappoint on either front.

Salesforce reinforced two key themes at the conference: First was the “Internet of Customers,” referring to the mobile and social nature of their customers and the solutions they consume. Second was a reinforcement of the company slogan “Sell, Service, Market, Succeed” that refers to the key Sales, Marketing, and Service cloud components of their product platform.

The keynote address by CEO Marc Benioff focused on the new product platform called Salesforce1. This is a unified platform that combines and integrates the Sales, Service and Marketing cloud solutions and provides them to the developer community through Platform-as-a-Service. The capability includes APIs and App developer tools that let corporate and third party developers quickly and easily customize and personalize Salesforce platform capabilities for their specific needs. The mobile theme was pervasive throughout the session. Salesforce1 represents the most powerful cloud-based solution in the Sales, Marketing and Customer Service markets delivering critical capabilities in an easy cloud based solution.

Salesforce customers feel strongly connected to the company and serve as brand evangelists. This is reflected in the customer sessions where the attendance and engagement levels are extremely high, and in the fact that they attract both technical and non-technical attendees. Customers also seem to embrace the culture of the company, including its social and non-profit involvement. Salesforce follows a 1:1:1 model – donating 1% of Equity, 1% of profits and 1% of employees’ time towards non-profit and community programs. This program was pioneered by Salesforce in its early years and is now a cornerstone of a number of Silicon Valley IPOs.

What does this mean for us at D&B? is a key strategic partner for D&B as part of our partnership, and we had strong representation across multiple panel sessions and key speaking engagements. As evolves and grows their solutions and customers, we at D&B will enable that growth by providing insight customers need to grow their own businesses. Customers are taking note of the partnership and are learning how they can benefit from it. As adoption of the solution grows among Salesforce customers, we have the opportunity to reach many new customers and serve our joint customers in unique ways.

View the keynote about by SVP & GM Andy MacMillan here.