The Power of Linked Data

Linked data

Information workers are on a daily journey to turn data into information and information into knowledge. During this journey, they combine data from different sources and providers, both internal and external. Combining data is a multistep process which is often time-consuming and rarely fun. Ironically the steps involved, cleanse and match, are terms that also describe washing and folding laundry – a real chore in my book.

A few years ago, I was an information worker, and doing data laundry was a daily activity. I knew there had to be a better way of turning data into knowledge. What if there was a single place where information workers could go to select data sets from different providers and combine it in one clean packet? I got my chance to build such a system at D&B. This platform is called the D&B Data Exchange™.

D&B has the D-U-N-S® Number and DUNSRight® Quality Process. These two essential ingredients are used to link B2B and B2C datasets to a D-U-N-S Number before the dataset is brought onto the D&B Data Exchange. The quality of a partner’s dataset is improved significantly when it passes though the DUNSRight Quality Process.

The journey from data to information to knowledge is fun and playful with the D&B Data Exchange. As more datasets are linked, more opportunities can be discovered. That is the power of linked data.


Posted in D&B Data Exchange, Data Quality by Ronak Parikh

Ronak Parikh is a Product Director for D&B Data Exchange & Global S&MS Solutions

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