Time for Some Spring Cleaning? A Podcast.

Brooms Rob ShenkIt’s never the wrong season for Spring Cleaning.  Sure, it’s easy to put off, but things just get messier and build up until it’s too difficult to get things done.  Plus, think of the results!  Everything clean, organized, and fresh is more efficient and easy to maintain going forward.

The same idea applies to the business and contact data in your CRM.  Clean, organized and fresh CRM data makes your sales people sing, your marketing campaigns dance, and your customer service team  have some spring in their step!

If you’re thinking about some spring cleaning in your own CRM, have a listen to a CRM Talk Podcast recorded on January 15, 2014 called “Give Your CRM Data That Springtime Freshness”. Sam Biardo of Technology Advisors and Steve Chipman from Lexnet Consulting Group  interview Rhoda Bernstein, D&B’s Director of Strategic Alliances. Their lively discussion covers the 4 V’s of data  and common data problems, and explores some of the great ways in which D&B data is used to enrich, cleanse and continually freshen up CRM data.

Click on the image to listen:

CRM Podcast - spring cleaning








Also, a shout out to our partners at Technology Advisors  and Lexnet Consulting Group. Thanks for having us, and we look forward to more great conversations.

Broom photo credit Rob Shenk.

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