Catch the Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud Webinar showed its Project Wave Analytics Cloud at Dreamforce a couple months ago. This week, the company hosted a webinar to give sales and marketing folks a closer look at the visual, intuitive analytics environment — using its own strategy group as a testing ground.

The selling point for Salesforce Analytics Cloud? Helping people get to insight more quickly, without involving IT or hiring an analytics consultant. Plus, it has mobile capability, so it’s highly portable and spans platforms.

Check out the replay here.

Discover How Salesforce Uses Analytics Cloud to Drive Business Strategy

What insights do you need to make the right decisions? Are you confident in the quality of your insights? Join us for a sneak peek at how the Salesforce Enterprise Strategy Group uses the Wave Analytics Platform plus data from to manage key metrics, and course-correct against plan. Featuring speakers from Salesforce and Dun & Bradstreet.


Natasha Tu, Director Finance & Strategy at Salesforce
Jay Glick, VP Strategic Alliances & Business Development at D&B
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Sr. Manager Product Marketing,
Ben Pruden, Sr. Manager Product Marketing, Analytics Cloud

It’s just the latest of a series of great webinars from, designed to get folks up to speed on the new products and capabilities announced at its mega-conference in October. D&B is thrilled to be a part of it, as a partner to and, and we’re pleased our data is part of the growing momentum around Project Wave.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can always watch the replay. Hope you can catch it!

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Brian McDonald is a Marketing Director for Channel Enablement, D&B Partnership Solutions

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