When Good Technology Goes Rogue

Sids1Remember the first Terminator movie? Robots go rogue and turn on their creators, trying to kill off mankind. To accomplish their goals more quickly, they send a killer robot, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, back in time to assassinate the parents of the future leader of the human rebellion. Smart, right? At the movie’s end, after Schwarzenegger fails in his mission, he says the famous line: “I’ll be back” in his distinct Austrian accent.

Well, I just experienced something like that – without the threat-of-annihilation angle. And it had to do with last week’s blog post: Microsoft and D&B Offer Productivity Boost for Excel Users.

Before we published, we posted a video on YouTube so we could link over to it. And it looked great – on the surface.

It turns out that YouTube automatically generates closed captions and a written transcript of the video using voice recognition software, if you don’t upload your own transcript. It’s a great service for folks who need the assistance, and it works with 160 source languages. The trouble is, the software doesn’t always get it right. And when in doubt, it can insert language that is not only inaccurate – it’s offensive. In our case, it inserted words you would never (ever!) want associated with your business. Miss Manners would blush at the words. Good technology, with great intentions, gone bad for sure.

Thankfully, we were able to manually remove the off-color words from the transcript. But you can see the gaps and the errors if you click the Close Caption (cc) icon on the video page.

You know, all this makes me wonder: Are we sure that Terminator wasn’t saying “Ow, My Back?” Or, “I’ll be Bach?” He did have a pretty hard day, and music does soothe the savage beast.

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One thought on “When Good Technology Goes Rogue

  1. I will check out the cc icon on the video page, but do you think “Awnuld” may have said:
    I’ll be Bach, you be Beethoven.
    Thanks for this info.
    (Mr.) C

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