Who Owns Whom (and Why Should You Care)?

LinkageLordyCorporate linkage, or corporate family trees, can be important sales tools to a growing company. Knowing how a company is related to other companies that you may have a relationship with can often change how you approach them. And not knowing those relationships can land you in the hot seat with your buyer.

Think about your best customer. Most likely they are larger in size with a number of locations, probably spread throughout the globe, and possibly with different names. They also likely have negotiated a corporate rate based on their purchasing spend. Now, imagine what would happen if one of those locations came into you as a new lead and you quoted them your normal new customer rate. Sure you might get a little extra margin now, but when it comes to the attention of the primary buyer, and it will, you’ll give it back with interest. Wouldn’t it be a better experience if, instead, you were able to link that lead to your existing customer and route it to the established relationship owner to upsell the main contract? Not only is your customer going to be happier, but you’ll also likely close the new sale faster and with less effort as an established, preferred vendor.

Getting a global view of your customers isn’t just about lead-routing either. Often times, your best customers can be hiding in plain sight as a number of seemingly disconnected smaller deals. Only when you link them together do you see that five or ten small and mid-sized customers are actually one or two large customers. This realization can lead to change how you handle those customers and even what products and features you prioritize in your roadmaps.

Having a complete view of a company’s corporate linkage is an important sales prospecting tool as well.  If a sales rep had a strong relationship selling into Molex Inc., but didn’t realize that they were a subsidiary of KOCH, they might have no idea that they already have an inside track into Georgia-Pacific.

Integrating family tree data from D&B in your CRM, analytics tool or lead management platform is an important step to gaining a more complete view of your customers and prospects. D&B has over 17m DUNS Numbers linked in over 4m family trees, some with over 50k locations. What are you missing in your 360-degree view?

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Ken Lordy is a Senior Director, D&B Global Alliances & Partner Solutions

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